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The Manly Mantle is Basically Done

When we purchased our home it came fully equipped with this mantle (and 70’s mirror).

(That I was perfectly content with and Joel thought was wimpy…)

One Saturday when I came home from lunch with a friend, I found THIS in my kitchen…

Which made me run into the living room to find this deviously smiling fellow…

I told him he was so handy and thrifty that he could do whatever he wanted, but it HAD to be done in time for a baby shower only a few days later…

Sidenote: Does anyone else ever try to clean up the sawdust only to find another project underway and more dust on the way?

The worker bee got this far in time for the shower…

Good enough. He’s so good at this stuff, I can’t really complain. But…I am HAPPY to announce that it now looks like…THIS!

Any pointers on hiding the DVD player?? Joel has a big plan…but I don’t know if it will actually happen.

And for my birthday it looked like THIS!

He says he’s still going to build a cabinet to hide the TV behind my gold mirror and have it on hydraulics, etc…but we shall see :)

Praying for Revival and Renovation!

No lie, Impact has seen 8 students (7 African American men and one woman!) trust Christ this week…and classes don’t start until tomorrow! What in the world?!? We are seeing amazing things happen and we are praying for even “greater things to still be done in this city.”


Here is a glimpse of the most precious praise and prayer time. Yesterday and today we hosted a leaders retreat for all of our mainstream and Midlands Tech student leaders.

I have sat in MANY leadership meetings and this was by far the most Spirit-filled, Spirit-led one I’ve experienced. It was beautiful to see students repenting, adoring, asking and singing. They are so burdened for their campus and after hours of praying and planning…we’re excited to see what happens! Pray for revival and renovation of lives.

Speaking of renovation…I am hosting a baby shower in T-2 days and my living room looks something like this:


YIKES!! Joel promises me it will all be in one *completed* piece by Saturday when all the ladies show up…I am wondering what it will look like tomorrow morning when our entire staff team arrives for our prayer meeting…YIKES!!! So pray for this renovation also :)