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Greetings From Our Whirlwind

Maybe Joel and I enjoy the feeling of insanity.

Perhaps that’s why nearly every summer we make plans and commitments that all pile up on top of each other all while knowing that in just a matter of days we are needing to sub-lease our house, pack up our life and relocate for the summer to a foreign country or distant US city.

Perhaps that’s why this past week we flew to Memphis, had a great time there. Flew back to Columbia, got in our car at 11 pm, drove to our staff beach retreat, came back, worked a missions fair, attempted (and currently continue to attempt) to close on a house (!?!) all while doing all the necessary preparations to leave for our summer missions assignments! (yes, plural)

Yet, amidst the whirlwind we really have been enjoying the journey…


We hadn’t crossed the Mississippi line for more than a few hours before Joel drove us down to Oxford for the “Double-Decker Festival”. It was sooooo fun. Amazing food, incredible artisans, fun friends and beautiful weather.

That’s the making of a great day in Oxford.


Of course, no trip to the Memphis area would be complete w/out Memphis BBQ…pretty sure we ate it once a day when we were there. No lie. We put it on nachos, on a sandwich or straight on a plate. Any way it’s served, we love it.



Joel is smiling so big in the previous picture because he is only hours away from watching Ole Miss beat Georgia at the baseball game we went to w/ Corrie, David and Jeff!


We spent the whole next day hanging out w/ Joel’s family and celebrating Holly’s 18th b-day.


After the birthday lunch, we headed out for a little skeet shoot!


See that tall kid? Yea, that’s Joel’s “little” brother.


Hunter makes these guys look like shrimps!


Joel was QUITE the marksman.


He tried to teach the rest of us. And Holly did pretty well!


I, on the other hand about blew my shoulder off with the shot gun. I wasn’t even looking at the clay pigeon by the time I shot the gun. I was only worried about my pain.


In case you, like me, thought a clay pigeon/skeet was actually something shaped like a bird…now ya know. Nintendo’s Duck Hunt confused me!


The cheering section :)


After all the playing, we got down to the real reason we were in Memphis–to celebrate Jack’s retirement from the Corp of Engineers. I was in awe of the godly impact he has made on his co-workers and in the management of our nation’s diasasters.


It was incredible to hear army colonels award him for his years of service. This We are so proud of our unsung hero!


We had a great time in Memphis. See you tomorrow for a review of our staff retreat!

Settling back in to Columbia…

After 3 weeks of non-stop traveling, we are so pumped to be back to our little rental house in Columbia. Words can’t express how blessed we’ve been by answered prayers. We thought we would share with you.

  • Joel felt like we should move to save some money on our rent…I (finally) realized he was right. And so the search began. We found a place for $200 less. Joel ran the numbers on www.daveramsey.com (our fave) and realized it would be the perfect option. We were super-sad about having to move since we/I felt we had JUST gotten settled. But we wanted to be good stewards…so we told our landlady we were moving….she called us back an hour later and offered to drop the rent $100!! So, Wheat Street will be our home for another year.
  • God so graciously provided for the remaining costs of our summer project before the deadline! Amazing.
  • We have had really good times re-connecting w/ our families.
  • We have had a fairly smooth transition back to the US from Kyrgyzstan.
  • We have a renewed sense of excitement for ministry in South Carolina!

Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to…

Hanging w/ my sisters-in-law for the Fourth of July

Gwen, Me, Holly, (Heather is in Spain)

My first experience with “make your own fireworks” was exciting!

This pic is taken at the “Hurdle Store” restaurant.

(Right after we ate fried catfish and frog legs…yikes!)

It’s kinda fun to have a last name that is the same last name as half of the rest of the state!

But, I HAD to represent for the maiden name…found this decanter at an antique store!

Gifts from Kyrgystan for Sugar and Sweetie :)

Here we are speaking at Kirby Woods Baptist Church.

(Not pictured are my knocking knees–thanks to my nerves, as we spoke in front of 900)

Here we are in Oxford (Joel’s all-time favorite city) with Corrie and David.

We had such fun with you guys! xoxo

Photos from our quick trip to WV to follow soon. Thanks for stopping by today! :)