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Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful time in Memphis!

We came straight from our staff conference in Asheville, NC and were pooped. So, after about a day of sleeping and re-cooperating we were ready to rock and roll in Memphis.

There was lots of hunting, lots of eating, lots of shopping and lots of time spent enjoying being a family.

The day before Thanksgiving, Joel was up at 5 am to go hunting, and tried again at 4 pm.

Then we headed to Thanksgiving dinner (for 15!) at Sugar and Sweeties.

Mrs. Anita and I worked on preparing dishes like stuffed celery, cornbread DRESSING (vs. stuffing which I was raised on!), sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, etc.

The next day was another day of 5 am hunting, 4 pm hunting, then Thanksgiving lunch at Mrs. Anita’s house!

Here is Holly denying accusations of being a Rebel fan…the scarf says otherwise :)

We had a delicious meal and then we packed up food to take to family at the hospital.

We had to get to bed early because we need to do 5am hunting and 5am Black Friday “hunting”. There was also a 4 pm hunting shift this day…are we up to about 7 or 8 hunting shifts? Holly got a deer! But Joel hadn’t put any meat in the freezer yet!

On our last day, Joel headed out for an early morning hunt. Then we drove down to Oxford for a delicious breakfast with the Reed’s at “Big Bad Breakfast” YUM!

We took a stroll around the square (quite possibly the most wonderful place on earth) and then headed to Newk’s for lunch with the Coles!

Of course, then there was hunt #10…

And BINGO! Finally! Joel said, “The Lord came through in the final hour.” I’ll admit, I laughed and rolled my eyes. But I am grateful to the Lord for some free food!  :)

So, as you can see, it was a fantastic time of being with family. We missed my family, but can’t wait to see them for Christmas!

30-Hour Roadtrip!

I don’t normally post on the weekends, but it happens to be our only time to breath now that we are here in Colorado taking seminary classes!

Here is a glimpse of our recent 30-hour trip across the country :) My goal was to get Joel to stop and pose by every state road sign that we passed, but when we left SC 5 hours later than anticipated…I just got to take the shots as we hurried past them…

u16692313One down…many more to go!


Almost to our first night’s stop at Joel’s parent’s house in…


We were delighted to arrive at the Hurdle House late the first night.


We had a good night of sleep and a nice day as a family the next day. The boys put new tires on the car and changed the oil. While Mrs. Anita and I were busy going to every TJMaxx in the Memphis area looking for twin coverlets for our guest room. That night Sugar and Sweetie came over for dinner sponsored by Eli Manning!


Eli Manning was shooting a Reebok commercial at Briarcrest (where Mrs. Anita works and all the kid’s attend) and the film crew had TONS of leftovers. Salmon, chicken, etc. it was delicious! Thank you, Eli!


It was back on the road again for us.


It would prove to be a long day of driving…destination: Kansas!


I finally convinced Joel that road signs didn’t make a very fun blog post and that we needed to stretch out legs anyway!

One thing you must know about the Hurdles…we don’t do a lot of things right…but one thing we DO get right is food. We travel alot and pride ourselves on finding GREAT restaraunts along the way…not so lucky with “Taco Bueno”.


I slept thru Kansas…oops :)


When we arrived for our second night I was VERY awake because all through Selina, KS there were very loud alarms going off for tornadoes. We were greeted at our hotel by all the guests sitting in the lobby waiting to see if a tornado would blow through. Thankfully it didn’t. We hit the hay and got ready for our last day of driving.


We passed hundreds of cool looking turbines. They weren’t here 2 years ago when we made this trek.

Joel did all the driving. (I did offer!) I can’t remember if he is just having some fun here or trying to stay awake…


And finally, the sign we’ve been waiting for!!!

IMG_0711 - Copy

YAY! Safe and sound with no tornado sightings. We are here! Thanks for your prayers for safe travels. We are busy studying and look forward to being in touch again soon! xoxo