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God is on the Move!

(Photos to come!)

Not only did the Lord just pack out the Williams’ Brice Auditorium for our final CRUsade meeting tonight, but we also ran out of chairs at Greek Impact last night!

God is on the move drawing many students to Himself.

Last night, Jimmy (featured in this month’s prayer letter) shared his testimony and many students took an interest in Christ based on his story of redemption.

Today, I sat in the Horseshoe with several girls for discipleship. My last appointment was with a girl whom a handful of the Greek girls I disciple have prayed for now for 3 years. She sat with me today and shared how God has completely unveiled her eyes to see that though her family is of a completely different religious heritage, that she see’s Christ as the only way! She has already read (and just texted me saying she is re-reading) the book of John, 1 John, she’s started “The Purpose-Driven Life” and 2 other Christian books :) I was speechless as I saw this girl having been transformed right in front of my very eyes.

(A funny side-note was that she thanked me for “p****** her off” by telling her she was “going to hell” if she didn’t have a relationship with God. Which I laughed about and asked her if I actually was that blunt…she laughed and said that she had decided never to meet with me again, but that combined with the love and investment of her friends, God used whatever we all had said to show her her need for Him.)*I promise I have tact!*

In total, our ministry graduated a little more than 45 seniors who will now enter their workplaces holding forth the life-changing message of Christ. For that I am grateful and because of that I stand amazed. Praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the grave!