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It’s a Christmas Miracle

Funny story…

On Christmas Eve, I randomly asked Joel, “Do you think there will be a puppy under the tree on Christmas morning?”

I was completely kidding.

Who wants added responsibility? Who wants a reason to vacuum more than once a week?” Not I.

Well, I guess the Lord wanted to give us practice at raising children some day…because as Joel’s family came trickling into his parent’s house  for Christmas lunch, Cousin Emily came in with a stray puppy in her arms. This precious little puppy had been dropped off and was left on the road at the entrance to the family farm.


Of course, everyone immediately fell in love with this nameless little fluffernuggin.

Since it’s a common occurrence for animals to be dropped off on the farm, all the family was quick to say, “WE are not giving this puppy a home.”

I may or may not have fell in love with her…

I mean EVERYONE fell in love with her!

Who couldn’t love this little ball of puff??!!?? All day long, we tried to give her a name…it went from Noel, to Nora, to Jingles, Mistletoe, Snow Shoes, we just couldn’t decide.

Thank goodness that Sister Holly is studying to be a veterinarian, so she could confirm that the little bitsy was healthy…we were nearly convinced this pup needed to be ours.

Holly helped us give her a little scrub-a-dub-in-the-tub…which she did not enjoy.

Are those not Puss n’ Boots eyes??

How can you resist not taking her home and loving her forever??

She had had a pretty big day. So, we wrapped her in a snuggly blanket and she called it a night in the garage.

The next morning (after not sleeping b/c I was stressing out trying to figure out if we could handle the responsibility of a dog…) we decided that we had to take this little bundle of joy back to South Carolina with us.

How could we not?? (Especially since Joel is quite the dog whisperer!)

So, Blogosphere, meet our newest family addition…Advent, affectionately (and sometimes obnoxiously) known as “Addie”!