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Our “Library Room”

Please raise your hand if you live in a home built sometime around 1950.

Please keep your hand raised if that sweet little home has this awkwardly big hallway/atrium area where the old furnace used to be.

While you will get beautiful transom windows above all your doors…you will be stuck with the awkwardly big hallway/atrium and a giant hole in the floor where the furnace used to be. 

In our walk-through, (photo above-doesn’t show quite how big the area is…it’s about 8ft. by 7ft.) I mentioned to Joel how awesome it would be to turn this space into our “library room” (a.k.a. hallway with a bookshelf).

Here’s the process leading up to our now completed “Library Room”!

Okay, please forgive my husband’s offensive frat shirt. He says, “what better shirt to ruin?”


Here it is now!

I love the molding up top. It looks like it’s always been a part of the house!

P.S. It is very difficult to fit all your ministry/seminary/fun books fit onto one bookshelf.

All re-styling suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks, Joel, for a beautiful transformation of our hallway area!!

First Impressions: Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of our “First Impressions” or “Curb Appeal” make-over.

These changes weren’t as dramatic, but have made a big difference to us.

Our Walkway Before: (The former owners LOVED beach-themed everything…we too love the beach, but not as much as they.)

Our Walkway After: (Joel found old bricks under all the flowerbeds when he ripped the bushes out. He re-purposed them into this walkway!)

That means we can actually walk on our walkway, instead of tripping over sand dollars!

Our Flower Beds Before:

Our Flower Beds After: (we saved our “Household” budget this month for mulch. It made the biggest difference. Our plants are growing like crazy now.)

So, there are some of the DIY projects we’ve been working on!