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Change of Scenery: Part 2

Amidst Memphis rush hour traffic, my bonus mom and I “Dukes of Hazarded” off the road when we saw this…


Of course, she knows me…and she excitedly yelled, “Get out! Get out! Grab your camera and get out!”

It was such a stunning site to see in the middle of crazy traffic!

We tried to get some new Facebook profile pics, of course!

It was a really fun pit stop.

Hope you have a sunny day, today!

Marcus’ First Christmas

If you’re on FB this might be old news to you, but about 2 weeks ago, I witnessed one of the MOST exciting things ever!

I was having lunch with my friends Julie and Kelly, when we started talking about Kelly’s adoption and how they were “just waiting on the call!”

Literally as those words came out of her mouth, the phone rang.

We all froze staring at each other and Kelly joked saying, “maybe THIS is the call…”

She picked up the phone only to find out THEY HAD BEEN CHOSEN to become the mommy and daddy of Marcus!!

Julie, Kelly and I jumped up and down, screaming and crying (minus the jumping part for Julie who’s on bedrest) and we tearfully rejoiced at the miracle of this new life.

It LITERALLY felt like I caught the baby out of the womb! Okay, I think that’s how it felt, minus the whole gag-inducing-gross-part. But it was amazing. I’ll cut the jabbering and show you the cutest baby on the block.

Can you imagine being handed a stocking with this little guy in it? That’s how the foster mommy gave him to his new parents!

Look at those baby-tiny-wrinkles!

Are you dying from all this cuteness yet?

Yummiest yawn there ever was.


Congrats, y’all we are so excited for your new life together as a family! xoxo