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First Impressions

First impressions are a funny thing.

Typically, my PR major self, loves to give off a good first impression. My engineer husband could care less.

The funny thing I realized, when discussing this a few years ago with my mentor, Marion, is that the most important part of  impressions is  what you continue to discover that matters. For example, Marion and I both agreed that both she  and I are most impressive at first…then you realize our glaring flaws. Our husbands however, are more impressive the more you get to know them! I think that might be a better thing.

Back to my point. Joel has been sprucing up our home’s “first impression”. See what you think!

Our front door before: (unstained wood with mega dog scratches and fantabulous gold accessories)

Our front door after: (stained and updated with silver hardware. Still waiting on the kick-plate to arrive in the correct size.)

The landing before: (4 layers of chipping paint)

The landing after: (with as my grandmother and mother would say a “smart” new paint job)

Hanging basket courtesy of the Murphy’s. Thank you to our adopted family!!

See you tomorrow for a few more first impression make-over’s.