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Thinking of Spring…

Speaking of Spring…and make-overs…does this make-over not scream spring?

Stumbleupon sent me this and I am in love. It makes me wish I weren’t stuck in the house today with a sick patient!

(Sorry for my male readers…it used to be a hunting cabin…I know it’s girlie now, but I couldn’t help it!)

Tiny Victorian Cottage [via The New York Times “Home&Garden“]

This is the most adorable little cottage ever. Sandra Foster turned a Catskills hunting cabin into the romantic Victorian cottage she had always wanted, using vintage columns, flooring and wavy glass windows, and doing the carpentry herself. This cottage is only accessible via a stone crossing over a stream. Wow! I am in love with those bookshelves!

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, we lived in a happy little home, with one humble little bathroom.

That humble little bathroom had it’s squeaks and it’s groans and we knew when we purchased it that one day, it would need a little help to keep it alive.

Then, one day Joel had 31/2 days off work…

And he said to himself, and his wife…

And shortly later, I heard those 5.5 fateful words…

Who knew that there was severe water damage on some very crucial parts of this house?

Who knew there was a 10×10 post holding up the closet?

Who knew there was 3-inches of concrete behind each and every one of those tiles? Who knew?

I’d like to say I knew…because I kinda knew (and this crazy boy’s momma kinda knew) there was going to be something crazy and unexpected. I mean, I’ve seen enough episodes of DIY-Diasasters to “know”. Haven’t you?

This is right about Day 2 when Joel asked me, “Kit, can you go into our bedroom?”

I said, “Okay, I’m here, what?”

He said, “Did I just knock a hole in the bedroom wall?”

To that I replied, “Yep. You did.”

He said, “Alright. Add that to the list of repairs.”

And I was relieved to “have plans” to enjoy some of this…with some very compassionate friends.

Happy Birthday to ME, HUH?

I came home to this…(Next Christmas this boy is SO getting saw-horses! The Recycling Bin??)

There was a lot more of this…

And some more of this…

Thankfully, we could go to the Davis’ to shower up and hit the hay.

Because in the morning REINFORCEMENTS WERE COMING!!

YAY for fabulous friend who can pitch in (all the way from Charleston!) and help. Thanks, B!

Scott served on the “night shift” and we were so grateful.

Scott’s 9-5 engineering job really paid off tonight! Because after Brandon and Joel did the plumbing all day long, Scott could come helplay the sub-flooring.

By 9:30pm we had gone from this:


It’s 11:29 and I am now going to coerce my sweet handy-man to call it a day.

PRAY because we go back to work on FRIDAY!!?