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Once Upon A Time.

Campus life is in FULL swing.

Yesterday, we were on the Horseshoe with 5,000 other people watching sorority Bid Day. (Now THAT is a hilariously interesting experience…another post for another day.)

Once upon a time we used to have time for Home Repair Projects.

Here’s a quick “Before & After” shot of our deck that Joel and his brother stained this summer.


This pic is just to show you the color of the wood BEFORE Joel and Hunter spent 12-hours straight staining it…


It is so beautiful and so weather-proofed! Thank you, Hunter and Joel!

Can’t wait for it to cool down so we can have a little “Fall-Kick-Off Party”! I hope that it will be cool sometime before November this year…though it’s doubtful.

Hope you are loving those last few days of summer!

Home Renovation…always in progress!

I was driving home from a baby shower one lovely Saturday morning, only to arrive home to see this:

All our 60-year-old azalea bushes being dug up and hauled to the side of the road!! For some time Joel had been saving his pennies/energy to re-landscape our yard. Meanwhile, I had sweetly requested begged and pleaded that we get SOMETHING done by a professional FOR ONCE! (Which if you know Joel, you KNOW would never happen.) I had no idea that my leisurely Saturday would turn into a total landscaping overhaul. 

It was all fun and games until on the third 100-pound stump, the rope snapped and shot the root system through the back windshield of our Trailblazer window! It was the loudest, most frightening noise you’ve ever heard!!

No photos were allowed to be taken of this mishap…

Praise the Lord that in South Carolina, insurance companies replace windshields for free. The estimate on the glass was well over $1,000!

Here are 2 good “before” shots of our yard.

Now, those of you who know how handy Joel is and judged me earlier when I mentioned begging and pleading with Joel to outsource this job need to understand something. Joel and I were wandering around Lowe’s about a week previously, looking at plants and he turned to me and asked, “What is the difference between annuals and perennials?” I finally thought I had found something that was NOT on his resume.

Having been raised by my green-thumbed Mama, (who loaded my dad in the car and headed down to offer their AMAZING assistance!!), I knew we were in trouble.

That is until we met…Buddy McCracken.

Mom, Joel and I thought we were going to never return from the middle-of-nowhere SC, but once we drove about 30 minutes outside of town we discovered Buddy McCracken–the landscaping goldmine! He is a precious man that sells wholesale shrubs and plants to local nurseries. He decided to spend some time with us looking around the property and educating us on anything we ever wanted to know about shrubbery!

Much to my delight when I asked how much the gorgeously mature hydrangea bushes would cost, he replied with a matter-of-fact, “$7” (as he priced everything else we asked him about!) What a deal! We saw tiny baby version of these bushes at Lowe’s for $40!

Thanks to Buddy McCracken, Beth and Dave and my now green-thumb certified husband, our yard now looks like…THIS!