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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is actually my favorite holiday…so I really hope each and every one of you are enjoying your day!


Joel and I are having a blast. He’s in the office right now working away on something…not sure what but if it’s blogg-worthy of course you will know. Something that WAS bloggable was what my friend Merideth and I did LAST Saturday…we had heard rumors of this highly competitive event in our city and we came out victorious.

“Clean Sweep” is an annual event that the Jr. League of Columbia hosts. It’s actually South Carolina’s largest yard sale! So, of course when my friend Elizabeth mentioned it…I HAD to go. Armed with my bargain-hunting buddy and some cash, we headed off to our first “Clean Sweep” experience.

Friday-11:30 pm Merideth and I are texting back and forth about needing to go to bed.

Saturday-6:00 am Wake up more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. Why? Not because I have some major need, but just for the thrill of the hunt.

Saturday-6:30 am Pack muffins to take to sweet Elizabeth who got us tickets.


Saturday-6:45 am Joel mumbles “Bye, sweetie, I am praying for you.” I reply “Pray for southern chic!”

Saturday-7 am Merideth arrives. We are ridiculous. We pray for shopping annointing.


Saturday-7:05 am We grab our spot in line…the line’s been forming for more than an hour. We wonder if we are too late. These people are for real. We look around and notice…one lady brought a U-Haul! Everyone else has a shopping cart or large shopping bags on rollers! We have nothing but our cameras and cash. We dare not lose our place in line. We decide to just ride it out.


Saturday-7:30 am We make friends with the cute ladies in line with us. We laugh at how serious these “other people” are. Merideth quickly reminds the ladies that we are friends while in line, enemies once in the building.


Saturday-8 am Freezing, but excited. The doors open! People RUN! Pushing, elbows flying. Merideth and I look at each other and go! We had decided the best way to do this was to divide and conquer. I immediately go to the furniture section. (For re-selling of course.) The perfect chair is there! Then my heart drops. “SOLD” already written on the tag. It’s been like 30 seconds since we were in the building?!? What in the world. Adrenaline comes over me and I realize what it is going to take to find a bargain in this place. I hand $10 to the nearest sales woman and score myself a gorgeous (though Joel says, “gaudy”) antique mirror. I’ve made my first purchase! I am stoked! I hustle over to the Housewares Dept. SILVER TRAYS! My favorite. They are $5! I grab them.


Saturday-8:30 am The yard sale buzz is wearing off and leaving me with a headache. I call Mer. While calling Mer and balancing my silver trays I accidentally nudge a woman in front of me. “Oh, I am so sorry, ma’am” I say.  She doesn’t even turn around, but with serious attitude she says “MMMHMMM!!” As if I totally did it on purpose. The nerve!

Saturday-9 am I am about to crash, but then see a beautiful diamond in the rough. It was a cute little footstool that look similar to one I remember in my grandmother’s house. I bend down to see if there is a price tag. I am in the middle of eying it over when I felt the overbearing shadow of “the other woman”. She looked at me. She looked at the footstool. She looked back at me. Grabbed the footstool and RAN AWAY! I couldn’t believe it! I had a mixed reaction of total annoyance and humor over this situation. It was unbelievable!

Saturday-9:30 am After the 3rd “lost child” announcement was made over the intercom, I was done. I had had enough. Not only did I realized that only in America would people be so ridiculous over stuff we didn’t actually even *need* but also I had had my fun, spent my little bit of cash and was ready to crash.

Saturday-10 am We head to the check-out line. People were eyeing our finds. They wanted to be us! Everyone was asking, “Where did you find that stuff?” We were so proud of our digs.We departed from the mayhem. Merideth and I were very glad we had that hilarious experience. We tried to share our funny stories and exciting purchases with the husbands…they weren’t nearly as excited. But, we were glad we did it!

If any of your other bargain-shoppers out there want to come with us next year, come on! Only don’t forget to bring your A-game.


As previously mentioned, I have traditionally had a small obsession with grabbing treasures from…well…the side of the road and “re-purposing” them. Well, I had kinda taken a break from this/Joel told me no more. But then as I was rushing back from Piggly Wiggly in the middle of a rainstorm…

It was pouring, my phone was ringing and that’s when I saw it. It was a fresh pile of treasures. I immediately pulled my car over and answered my phone saying, “Janine, hold on. I am grabbing some goodies off the side of the road I will have to call you back.” She hysterically laughed–true-to-fashion.

So, I quickly rescued a HUGE, maple over-the-fireplace mirror. I called Janine back and told her about my find. She continued to laugh. I called Joel to tell him the good news. He sort of laughed…He actually cracked up and called me crazy.

Yesterday, I sold that fabulous treasure to Tom from Craigslist for $25.

It pays to pull over!