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The Strategy Guru

Yesterday, our staff team had the yummy privilege of a free lunch at Longhorn’s Steakhouse thanks to the professor of intercultural studies at Columbia International University here in Columbia. The University sent him to meet with us and hear about our ministry to see how their seminary, graduate school and school of missions might be involved.

It was amazing to hear how many missions organizations he was a consultant for missions strategies. It was intriguing to hear of his years on the mission field around the world. It was encouraging to hear him share about his vision to help organizations like CCC partner together to reach the world for Christ.

belgiumwaffleWhat was really neat was when he asked about how ministry was going at USC. We shared with him about our strategy to reach all the college students in Columbia by going to their different pockets or segments of student life. (Greek Impact, Impact, Valor, traditional Campus Crusade for Christ, International ministry, Athletes in Actions, Columbia College, etc.)

He listened and then shared that when consults with missions groups he challenges them with the idea that the most influential target audience in the world are students and that the missions field is like a waffle and not really like a pancake. Though we want the world to be like Revelations 7:9 (every tribe tongue and nation standing before the throne worshiping God) the people gr0ups of the world are very set in their little squares of life. To reach them, we must take the syrup of the Gospel to their individual square and let it spill over into the other segments of society. Students are not tied down, they will be leaders in the world.

Please pray for us today as we meet with students and host our monthly outreach at the SigEp house tonight at 9.


A Heavenly Retreat

litchfield-088pic1The parents of one of our students/friendĀ  blessed us with the use of their beach condo!

We had SUCH a relaxing weekend in Litchfield, SC. This is the beach I grew up going to, so it was a real treat to walk down memory lane and show Joel all the little highlights of our family vacations growing up. *tear*

Allllll we did the entire weekend was REST–that included watching March Madness (my bracket was leading until today-boo), reading, eating delicious food, shopping a little and sleeping alot.


An amazing little mom and pop seafood restaurant called “Litchfield’s Fish House” = amazing.


Our dessert choice of the evening :)


Joel glued to the TV seeing how our brackets were doing.


Making our mark at “Eggs Up” a fabulous brunch place!


Is it weird that I take pictures of food? When it tastes and looks this good, who can resist?

If you are near Myrtle Beach you’ve got to check out “Market Commons” it’s the cutest area.


We are back to reality now and are excited that this week is Greek Impact week. Please pray for us as we work at full force to get the Gospel to every student in Columbia–and especially every student in Greek Village this week! Please pray for us and for our students!