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Yes! I have found a new yummy eatery here in Columbia. Well, West Columbia that is.

Mrs. Murphy and my friend/her daughter, Melissa, loaded up the car and headed to “Good Life Cafe” on Leaphart Road.

It is slap-yo-mama good…and it’s seriously good for you!

Pimento Cheese anyone? Right, well, it’s vegan. So there’s no cheese or pimentos in this dip…but it is crazy good.

Or how about some Pad Thai?

Who knew that jicama, carrots, mango, coconut and ginger could give one of my fave noodley Thai dishes a run for it’s money?

The vegan sky is the limit at this place. I highly recommend the Mock Chicken Salad and the Pesto Over Zucchiniii Noodles. Yummm.

Need to grab and go? The smoothies and fresh juices are made daily…and I heard the “Spring Cleaning” elixir (made of Pineapples, lemons, grapefruit, ginger and apples) does wonders for your digestive system :)

So far…so fun!

Well, so far we’ve come up with some excellent ideas for what to do when you don’t know what to do.

I’ve heard everything from picking up a good ole’ fashioned book, to choreographing a dance routine. NICE! :)

Here’s the list we wrote as newlyweds…and as you can see a few new ideas have been added!

Let me know if you think of other things that you enjoy doing in the evenings!

In the meantime, there are some really great city-wide events in the upcoming weeks…

Sept 11 is the Lake Carolina Fall Yard Sale, which happens twice a year. It’s really great for those looking to stock up on baby and household goods.

Sept 15-18 Columbia’s Greek Festival is always yummy and amazing. This is the ETHNIC version of “Greek” not to be confused with the Greeks of which we normally speak!

You can also check out a wonderful new coffee shop in 5 Points called “Drip” and chase the delish artisan BBQ truck around town during the weekdays! I was going to write a post about BOTH of these yummy options, but you’ll enjoy my girl Lucy’s rendition better :)

Have a fab rest of the weekend, y’all!