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Top 10 Reasons to Run in My Neigborhood

Basically, I am in love with the aesthetic value of our neighborhood.  I took a new running route this week and was again reminded of why I love this area. I wanted to share the beauty with you!

Here are the Top 10 Pictorial Reasons to Join Me for a Stroll Through Our Neighborhood:




Reason #3–Front porches that beg to be sat upon… all over our neighborhood! (Honest confession, this pic is snagged from the internet, b/c I was too afraid I would get busted for being a creeper and hopping up on someone’s front porch to sneak a pic…but for real, cute front porches are everywhere here!)

Want to sip some lemonade anyone?



Reason #5–The beach is never far from our minds living here!


Reason #6–Come visit! We will take you here :)




Reason #1–The College Scene–Our students are really the reason we love living here! (One of which accepted Christ on Sunday night! I won’t steal Joel’s thunder on this one, but make sure you read our February prayer letter that will soon be at www.joelandkitty.com!)


Hope you enjoyed a pictorial tour of our neighborhood :)

Quite a Greek Week-end!

Our weekend was filled with enjoying 2 types of Greek-ness…BOTH the Greek Festival, (as in the nationality), and the fraternity and sorority scene!

Saturday night we made a date of Columbia’s 22nd Annual Greek Festival.  It was fun to people watch and see all the little kids dancing to the Greek music.

And, best of all…we ate Gyros and Loukoumades (Greek donuts) till our tummies were stuffed! I think the food was the real reason we went!!

Sunday morning was Greek Day” at First Baptist of Columbia. More than 900 fraternity and sorority students packed the pews and were honored for their philanthropic service to our community. Of course, the primary reason they were invited was to build a bridge of connection and care between the church and the Greek Community. It is an awesome outreach and not one student left their without hearing the Gospel (and being fed fried chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, rolls, sweet tea and brownies). What a great weekend!