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The Little Giants and TGIFall!

We had a pretty decent turnout for “Screen on the Green” and the movie was hilarious. Have you ever seen “The Little Giants”? I never had, but I laughed straight through this cute children’s football movie…

I laughed until the next night when I went with my mentor, Bonnie, to see her daughter cheer for the the Ben Lippen vs. Hammond JV football game. It was there that I saw a little boy get tackled and his arm bone popped through his skin! On that note, I informed Joel that our little boys would never play football. To that he replied, “Just think about theĀ  little giants! You can’t rob your children.”


One funny moment that happened at “Screen on the Green” was when Joel pulled his truck up behind the fraternity house to load sound equipment and about 10 girls piled in because they thought he was a pledge coming to pick them up for a concert that night! It was the funniest thing. All of our leaders were standing about 100-yards away watching the whole thing happen in slow motion. The look on Joel’s face as he tried to explain that he was not escorting anyone to see “Afro Man” was humorous to say the least.

A huge praise from the event was that 2 Kappa Kappa Gamma’s said they wanted to meet with a leader to talk about starting a relationship with Christ! This was awesome for our students to see! Even though it was not a purposefully spiritual outreach, people saw a difference in our students and desired to know more!


The weather is getting chili and I nearly froze my toes off during Screen on the Green. Therefore, I have been inspired to host a “TGIFall Party” for our community group potluck! I am thinking warm, cozy soups, hearty breads and dips…something applely-sweet to top it off.


Now I need recipes! Any suggestions?? Please comment and tell me your fave fall recipes!

Missionary Monday!

We just returned from being in Memphis for Kirby Wood’s Baptist Church‘s Missions Conference. We spoke at two Sunday School classes and gave an update on our ministry in the evening service. We also had a booth (I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo!!) where lots of fun people came by to catch up. It was so rewarding to share with Joel’s home church about what we have seen God doing in Columbia.

We flew home this evening only to send Joel off to Bible study and then to have a Greek Leadership meeting from 9:30-11:15 p.m! While we are exhausted, we are encouraged.

Tonight, Ward, one of our Sigma Nu leaders, shared about Scott, his fraternity brother who is so very near to accepting Christ. Sally, an ADPi leader, is meeting with two freshmen girls tomorrow to share Christ with them. Chandler, a KA leader, is so excited that with 2 new believers in his house he will get to start up a new Bible study. God is doing exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or imagine!

God is at work all over the world. From South Africa to Binghampton, from the adult entertainment industry to Greek Village at USC. This weekend we have heard countless stories of redemption and that never gets old!

Hallelujuah, what a Savior.


The Alpha Chi Omega Bible study, where a girl interrupted the study last week and said, “Can someone please tell me how to start this relationship with God ya’ll keep talking about?” Amazing!


This is “Screen on the Green” sponsored by Greek Impact/CCC. We showed “ELF” in the middle of Greek Village…it was so cold and so fun!

*Please pray for my sophomore Bible study-we have a special speaker tomorrow night

*Please pray for Joel’s follow-up appointments with new believers.

*Please pray for Greek Impact this Wednesday night at 8:48pm.

Have a blessed week! Let us know how we can be praying for you!