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Can You Imagine…

Can you imagine being a sophomore in college and standing up in front of 250 of your closest friends/peers to share the following…

“God is moving. Last night at chapter (KD) I read part of  “Sex and the City: Uncovered” Chapter 5 which talks about sexual sin. I was very nervous to read this because I was straight up calling girls out, but the Holy Spirit called me too so i did. After talking about how that sin causes emptiness and loneliness I asked the girls what Jesus’s response would be to the sexual sin in our lives. We read the story in John of a woman who was an adulterous and pulled out into the temple courtyard by the religious leaders. By law they must stone her but they ask Jesus what they should do to try to put Him in a corner. He then says whomever has no sin, let him throw the first stone….its a BEAUTIFUL story of forgiveness.

Y’all girls were crying in the middle of chapter. Im so excited to see God working in my sisters and throughout the Greek villages. Glory to Him for saving us and allowing us to participate in His ministry of reconciliation!!

Please pray specifically for the girls that responded to His truth. Pray they will not only read Marian Jordan’s book but will see the Gospel and their need for Jesus because of it. I love her book, but many of the girls think they are reading a self-help book. We all know self can’t help self. So basically just pray each of these girls will come to know our Savior.”

Praise God for students who will take the risk to present grace and truth to their sisters. Please pray for our leaders to continue being bold and loving!

Praise God for one who surrendered her life last week and the many more who are counting the cost of following Christ.

Sex and the City: Uncovered

This blog post is taken from my precious friend, Marian Jordan’s blog!I am so happy to continually get to partner with her. Pray for women’s lives to be changed.

The movie “Sex & the City 2” hits theaters tonight. What are women really looking for? This blog answers that question

Carrie Bradshaw’s now famous opening line of the movie Sex and the City said it best, “Every year, twenty-something women come to New York searching for the two Ls: Labels and Love.”  As I sat in the theatre — the same day that millions of women around the globe flocked to theatres for the long awaited movie release—I thought to myself, “That is sooooo true!”[1] Although I’m pretty sure the screenwriter had no intention of writing a profound statement about the state of women’s souls, regardless of his intention, he nailed it. Young women today are indeed on a search, at times a desperate search, for labels and love.  Trust me, I know from personal experience.

Forget about Dior, Channel, or Prada, women are anxiously pursuing a bigger label than any of these names, one that defines them, tells them who they are, and what they are worth. This label is not found on the latest must-have handbag or pair of designer jeans, the label that women are really searching for is one that covers their hearts and reads “Loveable,” “Treasured” and “Adored.”

And let’s be honest, women are flat-out looking for a love… one that makes them feel whole, accepted and complete.  This quest for love transcends dating relationships, friendships and even marriage, because even when all of these are present, there is still an ache, emptiness, and a hole in the soul that isn’t filled. So, the search continues…

My first book, Sex and the City Uncovered, is all about this search.  The search each one of us makes for “labels and love” and uncovers the solution to our quest by pointing us to a life defined by and filled by the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Since Sex and the City Uncovered was first published in 2007, I have spoken to thousands of young women across the nation at Redeemed Girl Ministries’ Girls’ Night Out events.  At these events, I tell my story of “looking for love in all the wrong places,” and how I, too, bought into the allure of the Sex and the City lifestyle, only to find more heartbreak, shame, and emptiness as a result.

It never fails, following each talk I meet with young women, whose eyes are filled with tears, and listen as they tell me, “Marian, your story is my story.”  Sadly, until that moment, most of them thought they were alone in their pain. They go on to describe their regrets, their heartbreaks and their desire for a fresh start.  Each of these beautiful young women is confused, hurting, and ready for God’s love to fill the emptiness in her heart.

Here’s the deal, these girls are confused because the messages they’ve heard from media about what defines them and where they should find love has left them with emotional baggage and physical consequences they were not expecting. Life didn’t have the happy Hollywood ending. They are hurting because they are looking for love and acceptance in all the ways the world tells them to pursue it, and yet, they still haven’t found what they are looking for.  I can so relate to their turmoil and, therefore, I have no greater joy in life than introducing women to Jesus—the One who alone defines them and can fill their empty hearts.

Honestly, I had no clue what God had planned when He called me to share my experiences and write Sex and the City Uncovered. I didn’t know that He would so beautifully redeem my story of “looking for love in all the wrong places” so that other women could discover God’s unfailing love.

This book was originally dedicated to “every girl who is looking for love,” and it still is today.  It is my sincere prayer that God would use this book to reach millions of young women with His love and grace and that they would discover the true “label and love” for which their hearts search.

For His Glory,



[1] Disclaimer: I am NOT recommending that women watch the Sex and the City movie.  The content is not appropriate.  I watched it for the purpose of media interviews and so that I could address the issues discussed in it with young women. I had to cover both my eyes and ears during many scenes.