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Go, Ye Therefore!

One exciting thing that thrills our souls in campus ministry is getting to see “oh the places they will go”…

Who is the “they”?

College students… The elite 1% of the world that gets the privilege of higher education.

When Joel and I raised our initial support to be on campus, the vision that we shared with supporters was one of seeing students won to Christ, built up in their faith and sent out into every segment of society to take the Good News of Jesus to the world. It is the joy of our life to see this vision become a reality.

Georgia, or Geeg or GA as we like to affectionately call her, was raised in a godly home here in Columbia. She came to Carolina as a studious girl and self-proclaimed hermit. She hadn’t yet tasted and seen the beauty and joy of Christian community and she hadn’t yet surrendered to the will of God to “go and make disciples”.

I can remember her taking a step of faith to come on our Miami Spring Break Trip her sophomore year. It was there she was pushed out of her comfort zones and challenged to be vulnerable and authentic with other women about brokenness in her life. It was there she was also challenged to share her faith on campus and around Miami.

When she came back, she applied for Greek Summit, and was transformed by her experience in Destin. She went on to become the President of her sorority and was a strong spiritual influencer in the Greek System at USC. She also led a Bible study for high school girls at her church. Everyone knew she loved Jesus and would share Him with you if you were interested.

The fall of her senior year we would go on walks together around my neighborhood. We would talk about the passions and abilities God had gifted her with and how she might use those for God’s Kingdom. I strongly encouraged her in her desires for PT school, seminary, etc. I wanted her to be used wherever the Lord might lead her. I also asked her to consider interning with Crusade, but raising support was wayyy intimidating to her.

Amidst intimidation and other amazing options and opportunities for her future career, God called Georgia into a season of full-time ministry with CCC and He is using her in mighty ways. Her boss (formerly my boss) emailed me this photo last night…

To see Georgia share about confession and vulnerability to 80 Duke students on Spring Break right now, just 3 years after that huge step of faith SHE made to go on Spring Break herself, is a mighty miracle. Praise the Lord!! Great things He hath done.

Pray for Geeg as she and her team minister to Duke students! Pray that they will see students won to Christ, built up in their faith, and sent out into every segment of society to reach their world for Christ!


We are about to be an empty-nesters…

All the little freshmen who we fell in love with about 4 years ago are now seniors!! And though God has done transformational miracles in their lives and though they are ready to go out in to the Harvest with the Gospel, we are SO sad to see them go.

More on their unique salvation stories and their future callings soon. Just a video for now!