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Thinking of Summer Amidst the Snow

Joel and I are here in Dallas, TX, (AND IT’S SNOWING–which is really rare!) at the Campus Crusade¬† training conference for Summer Project Directors. We have the exciting opportunity of helping to lead Greek Summit this year!

This will be our 3rd summer at Greek Summit and we are anticipating another transformational summer for students and staff. We have seen a little over 30 Carolina students come on the Christian leadership conference and be forever changed.

From Greek Summit we will again travel out to Colorado for more seminary classes and we look forward to that time of enrichment. We haven’t figured out where we will live or our class schedule, but it will be such a good time of learning and growing. (Maybe by this summer our bathroom will be back in tact??)

If you wouldn’t mind, please start praying for us as we recruit staff and students to come with us to be trained and equipped to then go back and share Christ with thousands of future leaders of our world.

Pray not just for us, but for the hundreds of other projects that are getting kicked off this weekend. Over 3,000 students have already applied for 2011 summer projects, which is a record high!

Do you know any college students who’d like to take a step of faith this summer? Let us know! xoxo

Where on earth have we been?

That’s the question my sweet friend recently asked. She said (in reference to my lack of blogging) she was worried for my spiritual well being :) Thanks for your concern!

Truth is, life’s been crazy getting ready for yet another fall semester! Before we look forward to the great things God has in store for our ministry (tonight being a speaking opportunity to the 1,000 girls going through rush)…here’s a review of where we have been the last month.

Colorado to South Dakota.

post colorado 1071

post colorado 1095

South Dakota through a few states…

post colorado 1123

to Greenbay, Wisconsin for Joel’s birthday…

post colorado 1172

He was like a kid in a candy shop…I was like a wife who was trying to be a good sport.

Actually, it was pretty fun. We even got to be cheeseheads!

post colorado 1140

And go out on to the field with a pre-recorded crowd roaring for us.

post colorado 1157

post colorado 1167

Then on to Chicago to see my grandmother!

post colorado 1184

She is such a wonderful woman. She is precious in so many ways and is such a prayer warrior for our ministry!

post colorado 1186

It was also SO GREAT to see my family! I love you girls! I love you, Daddy!!

post colorado 1207

We had a fabulous day in the city, which I will highlight a little later this week!

We then headed from Memphis to Columbia. Then I flew from Columbia to Houston for an RGM board meeting (check out the new site!)

post colorado 1068

Houston to Columbia…and now we are home for good!!

Pray for tonight as my co-worker, Sarah, and I speak to a TON of girls who need the Lord. And, please pray for Joel and I as we start a new school year. It can feel very overwhelming to start again with our current leaders who have real and pressing spiritual needs, plus adding another class of freshman. Please pray specifically for the spiritual health of our student leaders that they will be laborers in this large harvest!