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Thankful for Thanksgiving

We had such a great time seeing my family for Thanksgiving. I HATE leaving because I feel like we never stay long enough!

We arrived Tuesday afternoon, hung out with my parents, played games and sat around the Christmas tree reading Kisses from Katie and watching football.

On Wednesday, me, my mom and my sister had planned on sewing and crafting all day, but my sister ended up feeling sick, so mom and I just chilled out and worked on Christmas stuff. Joel and dad worked out at the Y while I went to the dentist (yes, I’ve not lived in WV for 7 years, but I LOVE my dentist!!) and then we met up with Kemble and Jeff for dinner at a new Thai restaurant at Pullman’s Square. (Hello! My hometown just got a White House Black Market! What up, Huntington!)

Thursday was National Stay-in-your-PJ’s-and-celebrate-Thanksgiving and we took advantage of the fun day together.

We celebrated Christmas since we will be in Memphis for Christmas. It was really fun.

If you know my amazing Daddy, you might think he is praying here in this photo. But lest you be confused,

Just know that he had the whole family in stitches with his new favorite Glozell video. The best part of this story is that origionally he thought this was a song about “Black Friday”…but it’s just an amazingly hysterical black woman singing Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”… LoveĀ  it!

In case you missed my favorite Glozell video, well then HERE ya go.

And lest you be confused yet again…This is completely normal.

Do you see why I say that I love my family so much?!? They are so fun.

Thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration, Momma and Papa!


Gobble Till You Wobble

Thank you so much for your gracious words of encouragement regarding my previous post! It took every ounce of nerve in me and yet, it seems to have been worth it.

Today is a day designated for gratitude (and gobbling till you are wobbling). Yet, this year we have had more things to be thankful for than ever!!

  • We are thankful for supporters who make our ministry possible. Without y’all, we couldn’t be here!

  • We are thankful for stories on campus like this: (From Kelsey, a student leader) “Just got back from an appt with a girl I’ve been talking to about Jesus all semester. Long story short, she kept telling me she knows she needs God shes just not ready to give up her lifestyle. So I tried to explain to her that God changes our hearts desires over time and that she doesn’t have to fix herself up and come to God as perfect person, but that God wants us to come to Him broken so that He can make us whole. So then I tried using the analogy of a guy pursuing a girl and how the relationship evolves over time. And she was like “so you’re saying all I have to do is give God my number and He’ll call and we can take it from there?” and I was like yesss you’re starting to get it! So I told her I was going to pray for her so I did and when I was done praying she said “Thanks I gave God my number while you were praying.”
  • We are thankful for parents like these:
    and these:
  • We are thankful for our health and God’s sovereignty over our lives. I recently found in my journal a long list of things that made us say, “Well, thank you, God that_____ happened so that ______ would be possible, etc.” Growing up, my dad would call this “I Spy” moments–times when we would spy God at work in our everyday lives. We would share it with the family are get excited about God’s presence being real to us in that moment.
  1. Not letting us rent our house out this summer. (We were baffled by not finding tenants and making the extra money…now we know why!)
  2. Having more severe shoulder pain/assuming I tore my rotator cuff–sent me to the orthopedic surgeon demanding relief. (after a year of pain.)
  3. Being on Greek Summit–a shorter project, IN AMERICA. Getting to come home to see a good doctor.
  4. Not having already bought plane tickets booked for training in Colorado.
  5. Having been blessed with the offer of a student’s family to live with during the summer in Colorado vs. having to pay for a place and be stuck in a lease out there!
  6. The x-ray looking dramatic enough to get my local doctor and nurse on the phone with a top specialist (Yale School of Medicine grad!) in the country.
  7. My biopsy taking forever to get scheduled…which allowed Sheila, (aka SuperNurse), to be on duty!
  8. Having at least 3 hard-working, radically Christian nurses so far! (Who have gotten us appointments, given us devotionals and prayed with us.)
  9. The radiologist at Providence catching a mistaken test before exposing me to more radioactivity.
  10. Having friends in the Greenville area who we can stay with vs. paying for a hotel!
  11. Having hospital visitors for my shaken-up husband.
  12. Having technology which can keep us connected to so many people we love!
  13. Having an amazing Christian community in Columbia who has taken care of our every need! (Cleaning, Laundry, Entertainment, Food, the loaning of homes and getaway lake homes. Even some fun gifts like luxurious lotion/soap, crosses for the cross wall collection and a cardigan–not only our needs! Even our wants!!)
  14. Greater humility for the us–never a desire, but def a need and by-product of this experience.
  15. A job that allows flexibility in scheduling and co-workers who will gather in prayer 25-hours away to intercede.
  16. Having Jesus who has given us direct access to the throne of God, where we can boldly approach through prayer!
  17. Having a skilled doctor completely “air ball” the tumor so that it wouldn’t be punctured and spread all over my body!!!
  18. Not being pregnant because none of my tests or surgeries could have have been possible!
  19. Ongoing good check-up reports.
  20. A greater awareness of God’s love and sovereignty over our lives.
  • We are thankful for the encouragement of the Body of Christ. Thank you for loving us and praying for us this year!

Happy Thanksgiving! We love y’all.