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A Heavenly Retreat

litchfield-088pic1The parents of one of our students/friendĀ  blessed us with the use of their beach condo!

We had SUCH a relaxing weekend in Litchfield, SC. This is the beach I grew up going to, so it was a real treat to walk down memory lane and show Joel all the little highlights of our family vacations growing up. *tear*

Allllll we did the entire weekend was REST–that included watching March Madness (my bracket was leading until today-boo), reading, eating delicious food, shopping a little and sleeping alot.


An amazing little mom and pop seafood restaurant called “Litchfield’s Fish House” = amazing.


Our dessert choice of the evening :)


Joel glued to the TV seeing how our brackets were doing.


Making our mark at “Eggs Up” a fabulous brunch place!


Is it weird that I take pictures of food? When it tastes and looks this good, who can resist?

If you are near Myrtle Beach you’ve got to check out “Market Commons” it’s the cutest area.


We are back to reality now and are excited that this week is Greek Impact week. Please pray for us as we work at full force to get the Gospel to every student in Columbia–and especially every student in Greek Village this week! Please pray for us and for our students!

Congrats to more friends!

Wow. Can’t believe all the blessings God has bestowed to those around us…

Congrats to the Carlisle’s on Baby #2!

Congrats to the Adessa’s on Baby #1!

Congrats to two more very special couples on Baby #1 and Baby #2…have ya’ll announced yet??

Congrats to my special friend, Sarajane on getting engaged! So excited for you, friend!

Congrats to Jessica and Scott on Baby #1 just in time to move into the new house that Scott built!!

The new little mommy!


Here’s what WE did this weekend :)


So proud of Scott for building this house!


Congrats to all you fun peeps out there…any more announcements we should know about??