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Resources for Intentional Living


I have been continuing to wrestle with “what to do when I don’t have to be doing anything”. I have really enjoyed others wisdom.

HERE is a great article entitled “The Beauty of Setting Priorities” (I’m obsessed w/ this article)

and another one on “How to Protect Your Time with the Lord” (If I am not abiding in Christ then I am living out of my own strength!) and lastly, “How to Multiply Your Effectiveness”

Anyone had any good intentional down time recently? OrĀ  how about intentional conversations?

This isn’t about legalism or “trying to make God happy” this is about love. Love overflowing!

“Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.” Colossians 1:28-29

Calling All SINKS & DINKS

This is a little shout-out to all my Single.Income.No.Kids and my Double.Income.No.Kids-type readers…(I’d love to hear from all the rest of you if you get inspired, but you maybe too tired to entertain my questions ;) !)

Lately, Joel and I have been pondering the idea of rest/sabbath/fun/recreation. After the summer we’ve had, we really do want to enjoy every moment of life that God chooses to give us!

We want to work hard when it’s time to work hard and play hard when it’s time for that. Yet, because of the nature of our job, often work spills over into “our down time”. And even as I type “our down time” I am reminded of the missionaries I’ve seen all over the world whom tirelessly and anti-Americanly give every waking second of every day to seek, savor and serve Christ…and I wonder if sometimes we think we are “entitled” to a little bit of laziness.

These thoughts often leave us scratching our heads on how to spend our free time. You know, that time after dinner, but before bedtime? Those Saturday and Sunday afternoons… Because, it’s way easier for Joel and me to vacillate between being workaholics or wasting our lives watching Law & Order, than for us to be intentional about our downtime.

Jesus said a lot about keeping the Sabbath day holy. He also said a lot about losing our lives for His namesake. I want to live somewhere in the balance of making my time count, yet resting in the perfect moments of Sabbath He created for us.

Joel and I have been trying to figure this out…

We are trying to come up with a few pastime options that will help us:

  • Reflect on Christ
  • Laugh
  • Be re-energized
  • Re-create beauty
  • Be a blessing to others
  • Help us hear the Holy Spirit’s voice more clearly
  • Help us to think on what’s right, pure, noble, lovely etc.

So…what do y’all do from dinnertime until bedtime?

How do you spend your weekends when you’re in town? What are your favorite hobbies?