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10 More Tightwad Tips!

It’s not Tuesday, but with students filling up our lives, blogging is now a therapeutic luxury! :P Hope these tips are helpful.

  1. When buying anything, but especially electronics give www.slickdeals.com a try. We got $$ off a digital camera by printing a Best Buy coupon. This site is a favorite of Joel and his friends!
  2. Invest in the Forever stamp…they won’t increase…ever!
  3. Any time possible pay your bills online! We even do it for doctor’s bills, magazine subscriptions, etc. We have saved a little over $50/year because we don’t waste postage, checks, envelopes or time! Plus, it’s more cost efficient for the company too! (Especially non-profits!)
  4. Take 30 minutes to reevaluate your insurance needs. You might be wasting valuable money and could possibly save it by reducing your premiums.
  5. Borrow movies and books from the local library…it’s fun, free and adds no clutter to your home!
  6. Enjoy local free entertainment opportunities (Can you tell I am really trying to get Joel to go salsa dancing one Thursday night in the Vista, any Columbia friends want to join us? It’s free!)
  7. Have kids pay for things you might normally cover. (Calvert girls always had to pay for their own car insurance! And we were given an allotment for clothes and gas and had to budget it each month!)
  8. Replace soda or sweet tea with water! Save $$$ and 54,750 calories per year! (I think that’s about 12 pounds!)
  9. Brown-bag lunches…enough said.
  10. Can you garden? Give it a shot…if not join me at the Farmers Market!

Hope these tips are helpful and fun for you to read…keep sending me some more great ideas! Also, check out www.mint.com it is the most helpful budgeting web site we’ve found aside from the cash only envelope system. Happy tightwadding!