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Spiritual Growth at the Spur

This summer has been a phenomenal time of growth for Joel, Me and students here in Columbia.

Every Tuesday night, 35 students have been gathering at The Spur (it overlooks the stadium–amazing!!) for “Summer Bible Study”.

We open up with some teaching from the Word and discussion, read and article from “Gospel Transformations” by World Harvest Missions and then break into small groups to discuss applications and accountability.

Tonight, we focused on how the Gospel applies to forgiveness. It was an awesome time for our small group to connect and share. One of the girls in the group shared that she just surrendered her life to Christ on Thursday and has been seeing God help her forgive people in her life because now SHE’S been forgiven! Praise God.

Oh! And did you know USC won the college world series?? Oh yes. THAT was a fun night to have a Bible study social!

Greek Impact Praises

This month’s Greek Impact was themed “Satisfied”. We used Snicker’s slogan to tie everything together from the marketing to the snacks and the talk. Joel did a phenomenal job speaking from John 4 about the woman at the well and how she found true satisfaction in Christ!

Praise God for a packed house and a 50/50 girl to guy ratio!

Student leaders who do an amazing job emceeing! Promoting! Leading! Being friendly! Sharing their faith!

We’ve never before seen students so passionate about taking the Gospel to the world.

We’re pretty pumped! Thanks for your prayers! :)