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I finally took time to load the photos from Christmas! Of course, any holidays with the Hurdles would include HOURS on the road traveling all over the Southeast…here’s one fun site we saw…this guy’s tree was touching the ground in the back and he was blaring Christmas carols! :)



And of course, any holiday with the Calvert’s must involve some board games. We played hours and hours of CLUE this Christmas! I got to be pretty good!


Sweet, sweet Sadie is always a highlight of our visits to Huntington, WV!

bday-0232Our Calvert tradition is to have a big breakfast on Christmas morning. This year Joel and Mom went all out!


And of course, following breakfast we read the Christmas story/Kemble and I recite Luke 2, sing “Happy Birthday, Jesus” and enjoy opening presents/trashing my parents living room. Does your family do one at a time or all at once opening? We are one-at-a- timers for sure :)



What a great Christmas for us! Our second one as Mr. and Mrs.!


Hope you have a happy Wednesday!