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Jesus: The Eternal Valentine

Let’s see…He spoke flowers into existence, created chocolate, wrote and amazing love letter and died for you and for me…Jesus is the eternal Valentine!

Tonight, we had a “Fond-of-You Fondue Party” for our Greek Leadership Ladies Bible Study. About 20 of us gathered to enjoy chocolate and just a few of the breath-taking truths of Scripture…

If this is true…why do we long for anything extra? May these truths liberate us.

Here’s my new FAVORITE song, which illustrates my point perfectly..it’s sung by my new friend Ashley and her husband. She is witty, beautiful, talented and in love with Jesus. Even when He doesn’t give her what she wants… #soulsister? #downloaditasap #fundadoptions #playonrepeatnon-stop

I pray that tonight, you will know you are richly loved!

“Richly Loved”

If I am richly loved, then why do I fear
If I am richly loved, and you are right here
If I am richly loved, then what else do I need?
I am richly loved, by my Eternal King

All my doubting, never got me far. All my distrust, only left me scars.
All my running, still you pursue me. All my failing, still you forgive me.
Cause You are good!


I keep asking, I keep waiting, always knowing that You do not ignore my plea.
You won’t pull back. You won’t withdraw. You will never give up pursing me!
Cause I am Yours!


When all other ground is sinking, You’re the hope that I’m still standing
Cause You are not a God who lets me down
And when my heart is slow to praise You, You do not let go.
You will always meet my needs.

In this season, I am learning, You’re not silent or slow.
If you only, give me more of You, it will always be enough.
You are the prize! You are the prize! You are the prize!