The Hurdle Hospital

Yesterday, Joel hobbled into the house asking for an icepack to put on his ankle.

He had been playing basketball and came down on a guys foot–his ankle touched the ground while the rest of his foot was still on the ground. Needless to say, if he’s still in pain on Monday we will be getting x-rays.


Meanwhile, I am chopping cilantro feeling really cool with my super-nice knives that we got for our wedding. I literally thought in my mind. “I am so cool. I feel like Rachel Ray!” I then heard a crunch and felt a slice. I had completely chopped the nail off of my thumb!


We are keeping Advil in business over here!!

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  1. Thankfully, my thumb is healing slowly but surely…Joel on the other hand we may need to have x-rayed… Love you!

  2. bless your hearts. The blogs updates are fabulous. I am asking Larry to check out the Sproul piece and Tabitha to review the testimonies for Celebrate Recovery.They are both powerful. But what makes me tearful is the overwhelming gratefulness that you and Joel are so fabulously serving and loving Jesus the Christ.
    Love, Momma Bear.

  3. Hey kitty, people love free stuff. if you need some donations i would be glad to donate a bunch of that great book Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson -of course i bought it for almost nothing – have 40 on hand – thought of giving to prayer team – also have the dvd 9 week teaching serries – it is an awesome study – let me know – Lord thanks for the strength and wisdom YOu are dispensing to K&J as they move on to the new mission field of Miami. Lord energize them to be the example that other staff and their students need to see how Jesus would handle the challenges of life that He would face if He were walking in the shoes of K&J in this next week. Bless them with fun and laughter and spiritual successes for the sake of eternity and the discipleship of a growing army of world rebels (followers of Jesus – standing strong against the big 3 – world , flesh and satan and his workerss)
    much love papa

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