The Nutcracker & Turning 8

Okay, we may not have our Christmas act together, and we may have put up a tree for a whopping 6 days of our children’s Christmas delight, but great googely moogely, we’re still having fun.

EG made her debut in the Nutcracker. Okay, actually she made multiple rogue solo performance debuts during not one–but two Nutcracker performances…

267There was much more waving than nut cracking going on for this girl.

But she sure can rock an imaginary doll like a precious angel. 038 027And which mouse does not look like the others, you ask? 
200Well, the one with the tail….In the front!!!!! Slightly hilarious wardrobe malfunction.195204Girl.can.twirl.
212This is what she looks like when she sees her Momma…
220And this is what she looks like when she sees her Brother…


And this is what she looks like when she sees her Daddy wags his finger at her antics.

The Daddy that she very much has wrapped around her finger.

If they actually let her come back to ballet class, I think she may have a future on the stage. Not surprising to anyone.

The next day, we celebrated our sweet D-man turning 8 years old. It’s 100% crazy to me that the 5 year-old baby boy who turned me into a mushy mommy mess is now a budding little man!101

We had a “Hurdle Depot” building party at Home Depot here in Oxford and embraced the color orange. (Hard to do for a bunch of Ole Miss fans, but embrace we did with cheese puffs, oranges, pizza, carrots, and lots of orange candy, cake and Fanta.) .
109It was a blast. Rather loud, but a blast nonetheless. :)  110

God has provided such sweet buddies for D. His classmates, friends from football and church are such a fun provision. They really helped make his big day special. 112113116I’m pretty sure the Grandparents and parents did a great deal of the actual building…
137 138149 150

They were all REALLY good sports. (Thanks, y’all!) 139 151

Someone let this little ragamuffin into the party. She bawled when D told her it was a boys only party, but then was VERY proud to have made the final invite list.153

Oh, and we played a little “Pin the Football on D-man” as well.
168155Here’s to being 8 years old, Sweet Boy! 136

How has December been for you?

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