The Official Diagnosis (updated with pics)

After a month full of praying and hoping we’ve finally heard from the doctor… It’s BENIGN (no cancer)! The tumor was an extremely rare type of bone tumor (epithelial hemangioma)—only accounting for 1% of the tumors that occur in bones. None of the residents nor the orthopedic oncologist had ever actually seen one. The doctor removed it and grafted a donor bone in its place—no plates or screws because the bone did not break. Her recovery will be about 4 weeks in a sling and then just taking care not to break the bone for a few months (the full bone integrity will not return to normal for about a year).

While Kitty is still in a significant amount of pain, we are praising God that she has been able to get on a routine of pain medication that is helping to balance out the roller coaster of pain. Although she’s not very lucid right now, she did want me to tell everyone that she is so appreciative of all the love and support during this monumental time! This has definitely been the hardest thing that we’ve had to deal with in either of our lives. We both would encourage you , even more importantly, to allow this to be a reason to think upon and celebrate the hope that we all have in Christ… that no matter the results in this life, there is nothing that can separate us for the love of God through Jesus!  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers over this next month of recovery.

For His Glory,

Joel (& Kitty)

11 thoughts on “The Official Diagnosis (updated with pics)”

  1. Praise God!!! He is so faithful!! We are so happy for you two!! Through it all you have been such a reflection of God’s love! Also so thankful for no plate & screws too!! WooHoo!

  2. I rejoice with both of you at this refrshing news. Will now pray for quick recovery and ease for the pain. Was glad to see a good report.

  3. So thankful for the good news!! We will continue to pray for speedy recovery!! Praise the Lord

  4. YES!!!!!!! Praying for healing and how God is going to use this experience to give you more opportunities to share your testimony with others.

  5. Joel,
    Praise the Lord for His love!
    Psalm 18: 30.
    “As for God, His way is perfect”
    Mr. Bill

  6. I’m so thankful to hear this report and praise God for not only sustaining you, but also using this trial to refine your faith and love for your Savior. I will be praying for Kitty as she heals and that God might be merciful during this time of recovery. Love to you both!

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