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I’m not sure if any of you were reading our blog in 2008, but it was our first summer as husband and wife and our first summer project assignment. We were supposed to be headed to Lebanon…but through a long series of events we ended up in Kyrgyzstan! It was such a blessing to serve among the Kyrgyz people.

The national missionaries there stole our hearts and we’ve been supporting them ever since. I wanted to share with you a recent prayer letter we received. It makes me so much more grateful for the small part we get to play in their Radical approach to the Gospel!

The winter student conference was a great event in lives of many students. *Names have been changed for security*

Almost for everybody it was a challenge to go there.  It is hard to explain but in our country students are dependent on their parents and relatives. So, sometime it is really hard for them to share their opinions. It is still unusual if Kyrgyz become Christians. For many families it is a shame. Some students do not share with their families about their faith for several years. This year the conference was an opportunity to tell about their faith to close people.

Before the conference one guy, Evan, maybe you remember him because we asked you to pray for him last year, was reading the Bible at night time using a flash light. In the morning his older brothers asked him about what he was reading during the night. At this time he plucked up all his courage and confessed that he was a Christian.  That is a big step for his faith. His brothers did not expect it. After this he could participate at the conference freely. He received many encouragements from God during the conference.  Please, remember him in your prayers.

Another story what we wanted to share is about Nicole.  She is a bold girl. We have sent pictures of her to you. She believes in Jesus for 6 years. Her mother and brothers also are believers but they do not grow spiritually as Nicole. They did not tell father about their faith. Last year when Nurjamal was at the same conference she could not to stay whole conference because she was afraid of her father. This fear did not let her to enjoy the presence of God. She straggled a lot before the conference. On the one hand she wanted to go to the conference but on the other hand she had fear before her father. At last night before the conference she decided to join the event with her brother. The conference was an important moment in their life. During the conference Holy Spirit gave her courage to tell father about her faith.  We were praying for it.

When she and her brother came back home the father was waiting them.  She told him that she was on the conference for Christians and she was a Christian too. He said I’d guessed that you changed our faith. Then he beat her and told that she needed to choose Jesus or him.  She has left home. Only Nicole told that she was a Christian. Her mom and brothers is still afraid to open it before the father. She was living a week with us. Now she lives with girls and starts on her own life. Most of all we praise God for His power and love. She told us when the father was beating her she was happy because it was for the name of Jesus. Now she enjoys freedom what she has after this situation.

Please, pray for her.

We just shared two stories but we think we could write more about every young guy or girl who believes in Jesus in this country and this culture. We praise God for the situations like these because it helps to decide if you want to follow Jesus or not in your life. God is amazing! Thank you very much for your prayers for this conference.

We would like to ask you to pray for us:

*students will follow Jesus and rely on Him every day

*Holy Spirit will lead us and every activities what we do for outreaching

*our country (many people are still displeased with the economic situation in the country, prices become higher, salaries are low, people have discontent with political situation) Please, ask Father to give peace and patience to our nation. We do not want to have revolution again. Wisdom for our government and prosperity for the country.

Thank you very much. God bless you abundantly!

Pray for the Kyrgyz people and the wonderful national staff working hard there!

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  1. Kitty! (And Joel!) So glad I found your blog! I love it and have already been encouraged by it.

    Let me know if yall are ever around DC!

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