Vancouver staff bombed

Hey, this prayer request just came through on our staffweb. Please pray for this family! Gary is now at home healing.

On Saturday morning Gary and Lynda Stevenson, a campus staff couple in the Greater Vancouver area was moving when a package arrived on their doorstep looking like a gift for their two little girls. Gary walked into the garage with it when it exploded….it was in fact a bomb. The police are treating this very seriously and Gary is in the hospital as a result of his injuries. He has deep lacerations, acid burns and some of the shrapnel entered his abdomen and had to be surgically removed from his liver. Both he and Lynda are under police protection.

Please be in prayer for this couple, and for all of our Staff…at the moment we don’t know much more about why Gary and Lynda, or if it was even intended for them but we are taking security precautions as a ministry.

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