We sure did Encounter!

We sure did appreciate everyone’s prayers for our Winter Conference, “Encounter Christ the Redeemer.” It was a fantastic time for 1400 people to gather in Greensboro to do JUST THAT! Encounter Christ!  You can listen to all the amazing talks by clicking HERE!

And, you can take a sneek peek in on the action by scrolling DOWN!


Joel’s responsibilities during the week were primarily getting Audio/Video equipment up and running for all the seminars. He also spoke at the Greek Reception and was somewhat bothered by the girlieness of the event…Exhibit A shown above… Flowers, polka dots, ribbons?  I, of course, loved it.


Clearly, he survived the girlieness of the decor and hit it out of the ballpark with his devotional and challenge for these students to leave a legacy by doing evangelism in their sororities and fraternities all over the MidSouth!


Some of our fun kiddos enjoying the amazing praise and worship by “The Heights”! They did an amazing job helping to facilitate our worship.


Yeah for all the precious girls that came from Greek Village! They all have said that the Lord has done great things in their lives as a result of the conference.


Oh yeah, and the amazing New Year’s party was of course a highlight!


Have you ever seen what 1400 glow sticks look like? Here ya go! Not to mention a moon bounce, VIP lounge with all you can drink Starbucks and tons of food, Guitar Hero, and so much more…this was the party of the year! Ring in the CRU Year!


Our DEAR friends the Hendersons wish you all a Happy 2009!!


And so do WE!!!

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