What Happens on the Porch…

Stays on the porch!

Or so we are told…

Since this has been a week for waiting, my kind-beyond-explanation mentor, allowed us to getaway to her family’s lake house for the weekend. What a true blessing.

We’ve had such an amazing time…



eating bbq with all the fixings, watching the lightning storm from the comfort of our rocking chairs, playing cards, eating cupcakes and hanging with sweet friends.


thinking about what to craft while the wife is recuperating.

and napping!

We are still trying to figure out how to live in the tension of trusting God for the here and now–focusing on what God has for us today–and still continuing to pray for the future and for healing. I feel really good about Tuesday. I’m pretty sure it will be a benign tumor that they can remove from my arm and then repair. So I want to rest, yet not neglect the persevering type of prayer, like the widow in Luke 18.

It makes me grateful for grace and for the Holy Spirit who intercedes on behalf of believers when we don’t know what/how to pray! (Romans 8)

This has been such a great retreat from “normal” life and we are so grateful for it. THANK YOU to our precious friends and supporters.

5 thoughts on “What Happens on the Porch…”

  1. Awesome! Glad you guys got to relax. Started a new book yesterday and thought of you the entire time I was reading. Praying and will have our church praying for you guys on Tuesday.

  2. Isn’t it God’s wonderful provision to have a getaway? I love you and can hardly wait to see you on Mon. Hugs, Yo’ Momma

  3. Wow Kitty, you aren’t kidding you were making those flowers this weekend!!! It’s sooo nice to see that you had such a wonderful time away this weekend! I’m so very looking forward to hanging out tomorrow! You guys are so very encouraging- the Lord is so evidently in your lives and it is a privelege to be here with you on this journey!!

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