Whatcha' Cookin' Wednesday? Nothin'!

So, NEXT week we will do dessert…but THIS week, Joel and I found something that was such a hit we had to share it with you!

Seeing as how this week we have caught BBQ ribs on fire and have forgotten to add the cheese to the scalloped potatoes…(can you tell school has started or what!?!)…we decided for our anniversary dinner we wanted to go out to eat.

We visited www.restaurant.com, typed in our zip code and were immediately shown all the gift certificates on sale for local restaurants. Basically, the best deal was to buy a $25 gift certificate for $10. There are ALWAYS discounts for the site so just google, “discount code for restaurant.com” and enter in your discount code.

We bought a $25 gift card for $6 for a CUTE bistro called “Village Bistro”.

We checked out the menu online and got our taste buds raring to go for some filet mignon! What a treat! We ended up getting two beef filets served with California cabernet mushroom sauce, pesto mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus for $27 (including tax and tip) vs. the original price of $54, which we probably would not have splurged on. So, if you are looking to eat out and spend less…try www.restaurant.com!

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