When God Writes the Story


Which, in the life of a mom means absolutely nothing other than you get to make 2 scrambled and 1 fried egg at 7 am tomorrow morning rather than 6. That and tomorrow you don’t have to dig in the dryer (or dirty laundry pile) for uniforms or the blasted spirit week attire. Or do the homework. Or the carpool. Okay, so yes. It’s basically the best day of the week signaling the weekend. Woot! Bring it on.

Lastly, it meansĀ I am guest posting a condensed version of our spiritual, infertility and adoption story called “When God Writes The Story” for a new friend’s blog. I thought I’d make mention of it here so if you’re new, you can catch up on the story God has written with our lives!

Have a great weekend!

When God Writes The Story(Incredible photography courtesy of Faison Weiss Photography)


4 thoughts on “When God Writes the Story”

  1. Thank you for the reminder of God always being good, especially when it doesn’t feel like He is. I think of your story often, as I struggle to accept what His story for us seems to be. You are an encouragement and He uses your story and faithfulness often in my heart even though we’ve never met.

  2. Oh, Melissa! Thank you for this encouragement. Seriously, it means a ton. I too am in a season of struggling with HIS Plan A not being the same as MINE… I am praying for us both tonight as I drift off to sleep that His best would become our dream come true b/c He gently and lovingly aligns OUR hearts to HIS! He is good even when He doesn’t feel good. And He is safe. And in control. Resting in that tonight. xoxo
    p.s. where do you live?? would love to change the “we’ve never met” if you’re near :)

  3. Can’t thank you enough for putting your story in one place for me to read (and reread if I want!). We can do hard things!

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