When She Wants Her Hair To Be Yellow

I was mid-mascara and trying get our family out the door for church (which any human who’s been around children for two seconds knows is an act of Congress) when my five-year-old walked in with her shoulders slumped, chin down, and bottom lip quivering. I bit my own lip so as not to laugh at the drama and asked, “What’s the matter, girl?” Her cute little pout begged the question.

“Oh Momma, I want my hair to be yellow. But it’s just yucky brown.”

It seemed funny at first, but then I caught my breath knowing that in the world of a kindergartner, this was a big deal. I asked her what she thought was so special about yellow hair. And, of course, since one of her best friends and her one of her favorite princess are both blondes, she just knew that yellow was the most beautiful hair color in the world.

I told her that I completely understood, and that sometimes I wish that I looked differently, too; but, that we all have to fight the lies that Satan whispers to us telling us that the way God made us isn’t good enough.

I asked her, “Do you ever hear the beautiful flowers saying, ‘I wish I were purple and not plain old pink…” or the puppies saying, ‘I sure would like a longer tail and fluffier ears…” This made her giggle. I stared into her dark brown eyes in the mirror where I too was wishing and working to be more beautiful, and said, “When someone gives you a present it doesn’t matter one bit what color or shape the wrapping paper is, it’s the gift inside that counts. You are God’s masterpiece, a beautiful work of art, a gift from God to me. The wrapping of your skin, your hair, your shape and size? They aren’t what determines your true beauty. We’ve got to fight these lies together, okay?”

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One thought on “When She Wants Her Hair To Be Yellow”

  1. Oh, law, girl.

    Thankfully the Lord gave a momma to her with matching hair. And Lord help you if she was a redhead.

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