Writing & Speaking

Here’s the deal, I write to keep from exploding and I teach to keep in step with the Spirit.

love to communicate. Written and spoken words are straight up therapeutic to my soul. It’s how I hear from the Lord and it’s how I can give to the world. And though Joel would prefer to have his name *accidentally* left off of this blog, he’s an incredible critical thinker, consultant and communicator as well.

Often, we get the chance to share our hearts locally through writing and face-to-face conversations. Then every now and then, we pack a bag, send the kids to Gigi’s (she’s a saint) and excitedly get the heck out of dodge.


This is where I thrive.  Here are a few sites where I’ve contributed:

Guest writing and regular contributing is the most realistic ways I can serve in my current season of life. Please let me know if you’d like to include my work in your publication.


Over the past 10 years Joel and I have spoken to the fraternities, sororities, church groups, and conferences sponsored by Cru.

We like to add humor, relatability and depth to topics such as:

  • Authentic Manhood
  • Authentic Sisterhood
  • The Call + The Cost of Following Jesus
  • 50 Shades of Crayyy…Choosing Holiness in a World Gone Gray
  • Finding Your Identity in Christ
  • The “I AM’s” of Jesus
  • Finding Christ in the Old Testament
  • The Hard Sayings of Jesus
  • How to Study the Bible For Yourself
  • How to Share Your Faith Without Being Weird
  • How to Become a Disciple-Maker
  • How to Lead a Small Group
  • Breaking Free From the Comparison Trap
  • Love, Sex & The Search For Intimacy
  • Infertility, Foster Care, Adoption and the Attributes of God

Our capacity is limited, but if ever you needed us, we would love to discuss working with you. (Especially if your event is somewhere tropical :)

Join us on our wild adventure of following Him & loving them!